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Thursday, March 07, 2002
Mini Rant About Self.

I don't like myself very much. I think I'm a selfish brat.
In fact, the guy I love most once told me I was one.


Name:Brittany Ann Marie.
Age: Fourteen.
Sex: Female.
Sexual Preference (Gay, Straight, Bi, Etc): Bi.
Siblings: None by blood.
FriendsLoved Ones: AlexAya, AnitaAri, BenBlink, BriannaHark, BobMilli, ChaseKei, DorothyEllie, JessicaMetaka, Joel, JustinEx, KeishaLita, LizDem, Marcus, VeraHikari.
Love Interest: Justin, Marcus, Joel.
Why..?: Loved Joel for two years, but he isnt speaking to me any more which is supposedly for "The better". Whatever, I dont like it at all. Justin.. sigh.. We used to be really close.. but he loves Lexi.. and.. as long as he's happy.. and she loves him.. I wont do anything.. Marcus. a different story. Could never get with marcus b/c Keisha wants him.
Loved By: Supposedly, Marcus. And Justin says it when he wants to make me feel better or something.
People Would Consider Dating In the Future?: Honestly? Liz is just about the only one besides the Marcus or Justin.
Good Qualities: I cook well, and I always like to help. I am also a very loyal person.
Bad Qualities: My moods shift and change easily. I'm also very prone to jealousy, and very stubborn at times.
Things Said About Me: "Abusive," "Cute," "Lovable," "Spoiled," "Charming," "Flirtatious,"
Icon?: Kawaii Neko Loki
Zodiac Sign?: Cancer. (The Crab)
Favorite Color?: Blue!!!!!!!
Favorite Bands?: Dashboard Confessional, 2Pac, Saves The Day, Ja Rule, Jack off Jill, Jimmy Eat World, Simple Plan, Hoobastank, Linkin Park, Green Day, NOFX, MXPX, Gorillaz.. Others.
Favorite Song(s)?: Right now.. Understanding (In A car Crash) by Thursday, and "Just A Kid" by Simple Plan.
Person I Would Give Anything To Talk To Right Now: ..Justin, of course.
Person I Wish Would talk To Me: Joel.

I hope you're happy that you know so much. You get a cookie if you didn't run!


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